A Boring, Linky Day

I am having a seriously blah day. I keep thinking about everything I should do, like go to the library or wash the windows, but what I would really like to do is crawl back into bed. I don’t think my depression has got the better of me again, I just feel lazy today. I’m thinking of getting dressed and heading off to the mall just so that I do something, anything. It’s probably not a good idea though, since I will spend money on fast food and useless things. My vacation is over soon; I had back to work on Monday. So maybe an afternoon curled up in bed with a book wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

Link: We’re Not Afraid – Quite simply, without fear, terrorists are nothing. Let the world know that we are not afraid!

Note that comments are still broken. I’m not the only one who is lazy. quanta hasn’t re-instated the comments script yet.

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