Back to the Real World

Going back to work yesterday was difficult. When I left in the morning I was feeling pretty good. Of course, by the time I made it to the bus stop (less then a 2 minute walk), I was already soaked with sweat and ready for anyother shower. It is honestly as humid as a rain forest outside lately. Anyway, the subway ride was good, and running my errands went fine (more sweat, will winter ever come?!). But work itself was awful. Almost as soon as I walked in the store I felt like the walls were closing in on me. And I even came in with a good attitude, looking forward to being back at work.

It is pretty obvious to me now that work is a big source of my anxiety. Wonderful, eh? Today I’m going to try a few things to help me calm down, like focusing on my breathing and maybe a few yoga poses at lunch. My only other option is to eat chocolate until I explode! 🙂 Happy thoughts, right?

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