Subway Scare

Today was not a great day. A threat of some kind was called into the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which resulted in the subway being closed down just as I was about 1/3 of the way to work. (You can read a little about it here: Sudden Shutdown.) The TTC police and the regular Toronto police where on the job, and everything has handled in a wonderful manner. But, unfortunately, I had to walk about 3.6km (2.25 miles) to get to work. Needless to say my feet are still hurting nearly 12 hours later, and I am exhausted

Strangely enough, I’m really not all that worried or upset about what happen. I mean, after all the incidents in London lately, not the least of which is the death of a large of number of people, you would think that I would be at least a little frightened. To some extent, I suppose I am, but it is more of a general fright or anxiety. I think that the Toronto police and TTC did a very good job trying to keep everyone safe. I feel just about as safe as I can in the world today, because I honestly think if someone is going to do something, there is very little we can do to stop them. I suppose that is a pretty sour outlook, but I’m not sure how else to feel.

I will admit that I’m not looking forward to getting on the subway tomorrow, and I am really hoping that quanta will use the streetcar to get to work.

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