I’m Rubenesque

I know I’ve mentioned my weight a few times in the past. I’ve described myself as curvy, Rubenesque, and even a little chubby. Lately I’ve been catching glimpses of myself in the mirror and I’m very surprised by what I am seeing. I am now well within the realm of chubby and still gaining. I feel tired and yucky.

Normally if you asked me if I was content with my body and weight I would say yes, more or less. But I’ve come to realize that the image I hold in my head doesn’t match the reality of the number on the scale.

I’ve said so many times before that I am going to make changes, so I’m not really sure how to make this time different. Something has to change though. I think sometimes of the Rede, and I know that continuing the way I am is and will cause harm to me.

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