One More Month of Freedom

In one month quanta and I will be getting married. One more short month and I become Mrs. quanta. I am excited and nervous. Even though we have been living together for four years, I still see this as a new beginning. I have decided to change my name, so, in some respects, it will also be a new me in one month too.

I’m also feeling much better about the whole family thing too. quanta parent’s are definitely not attending our wedding, nor have they given us their blessing. But, thankfully, his mother’s family seems very happy for us. Last Sunday fourteen of them (including quanta’s grandmother!) descended on our little apartment and helped us celebrate our upcoming wedding. We were given a beautiful Chinese-style picture painted by one aunt, a lovely picture frame from another, and a jade bracelet for me from the third aunt. We then all went out for dinner, and I felt like part of the family.

Truth be told, I will actually be very glad when all this wedding stuff is over. It costs so much money and takes so much time. Of course, all that will mean nothing when our wedding day finally comes.

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One Response to One More Month of Freedom

  1. Bec says:

    I’m glad at least some of Quanta’s family is being supportive. It’s sad that his immediate family isn’t and wont be attending your wedding – sad for them because it’ll be them who look back and wish they’d taken part in it.