What is Rich?

My quanta has just posted an entry that has made me re-evaluate him a little bit (For Richer or Poorer). We grew up in very different socioeconomic groups, and sometimes we have a little trouble relating.

I lived in Hamilton, a very blue collar city, and my family had just enough money to get by. We managed get our luxuries by use of credit card. My parents are wonderful people and they did their very best, but eventually the money situation just got away from them. (They are doing just fine now, though.) And even though quanta and I make more money then they do now, they still do everything in their power to help us.

quanta grew up in Unionville, in a rather well-off neighbourhood. His parents always had lots of money, and even sent quanta and his sister to private school. But even though they had money, they rarely spent any. It was always to be saved and spent only on necessities. I wonder sometimes if I didn’t have more luxuries then quanta.

quanta and I clash when it comes to the idea of spending money on little luxuries. I see it as harmless, but to him every dollar must be saved for a rainy day. All in all, I think we manage to balance each other out nicely, but I often wish he had a little better idea of what it is like to not have enough money. His recent blog entry (see above) makes me realize that he is a little more aware then I thought. And I think that the recent events in the southern U.S., especially New Orleans, is making us all aware what it could be like to really have no money and nothing at all.

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1 Responses to What is Rich?

  1. Bec says:

    Differences in opinions on money can make things really difficult when you’re doing to make a relationship work. The Husband and I grew up with similar differences to you and Quanta, only they made us want to act, as adults, in completely opposite ways to our parents.

    I think it’s really interesting that being so different can be a good thing because we even each other out as well.