Not Knowing How to Help

There have been many disasters around the world since I started writing this blog–Iraq, Beslan, the Indonesian Tsunami, Katrina, the three large hurricanes of 2004, the bombings in London and elsewhere, etc., etc. I’ve written very little about these events, mostly because I don’t know what to say. I feel like any words I write, sitting in the comfort of my home, are all but pointless and maybe even a little offensive. I mean, what do I know about surviving a disaster? I’ve never lost my home to flood waters or fire and I’ve never lost a loved one to war.

I do my best in my own small way to help, though. I donate money to the Red Cross and I donate blood to Canadian Blood Services. I think sometimes that I should donate my time, maybe go somewhere to help some people, but I know that I’m not strong enough (emotionally and physically) to be of any good. Beyond that, all I can do is remember the affected people, and all of humanity, in my prayers to the Lord and Lady.

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1 Responses to Not Knowing How to Help

  1. Melusina says:

    I often feel the same way. :/ Sometimes it feels like there is an attitude that if you are not fully involved you don’t care..