Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a friend of mine. We became friends when I switched to a new school in grade six. She moved away three years later, but we did our best to keep in contact through high school and university. I even went to visit her during a very difficult time for me, and she and her family were a great comfort. And, of course, I was there for her wedding and even helped her pick out her dress.

Time has gone by though, and things have changed. She has been married for about five or six years now, and is busy with her two small children. A great deal of distance separates us, but until recently we still exchanged letters and cards. Of course, cards from her have been arriving later and later, and letters were getting fewer and fewer, but I wasn’t going to let our friendship lapse because of that.

I don’t want to sound petty, but quanta and I have been married for nearly a month now and she has yet to send a note congratulating us. I’m not hoping for a gift or anything fancy, just a short note to let us know that she cares. quanta and a lady from work, Italia, both think that it might be time to let things go. This isn’t the first time she as neglected to send a note when it was appropriate. Maybe it really is time to let our friendship fade away.

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