What’s Your Secret?

One of my favorite blogs to read is Post Secret, a site where people anonymously send in postcards containing a secret that they have never told anyone. A lot of the secrets are very sad, and I often finding myself hoping that the person gets help or talks to someone about the problem. Occasionally, the secrets are funny, like the person who thinks the new pope looks scary. (So do I!) I’m always surprises by what I see there, and I’m also a little encouraged because it is a nice reminder that I’m not the only one who feels certain things.

I think sometimes that the whole internet is a little like Post Secret, in that no one really knows who you are and you can pretty much safely say what you are afraid to tells those who are close to you. Blogs, obviously, work a little like this, but I think we often hold back if we know that it is read by our families and friends. I’d like to think, though, that I am as honest as possible in my blog even though quanta, my parents, and who knows who else reads my blog. And I’m also a little surprised that when I tried to think of something to send to Post Secret I couldn’t think of any deep, dark secrets that I held.

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1 Responses to What’s Your Secret?

  1. Garnet says:

    I love PostSecret. I sent one to them that was deeply personal (aren’t they all?) but I guess they never got it…I’ve never seen it up there. I think it just wasn’t meant to be. I love to check on their newest ones every Sunday. 🙂