Visiting the Past

I think that I visit the ROM so often because I am looking for peace among the Ancients. Maybe it is a symptom of my obsession with the past. When I see all the objects lying under the glass I can’t help but imagine the people who made them, as well as those who used and loved them.

The ROM has a beautiful broad collar necklace from the Amarna period of Ancient Egypt, the perfect size for a young boy or girl. Did her parents buy it for her, or was it a gift from a paramour? Did she wear it everyday or only on festival days? And did she know or care about the religious upheaval going on in her country? I also wonder why the necklace was left behind when Amarna was abandoned.

The ROM also has a model of the Isis temple on the island of Philae. I wonder what it was like to worship Isis there. She was honoured on the island well into the Christian era. The processions must have been glorious to see. I think that there is also something to learn from the temple complex–there are temples for Isis, Hathor, Horus, Augustus Caesar, the Christian God, and a Nubian chapel. How often do so many faiths share a space today?

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