Year in Review – 2005

I found this “Year in Review” meme over at Steph’s blog Following Flidhais.

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that’s your “Year In Review.”

January 2005
Happy 2005! Let’s hope that this year is a wee bit quieter then the one just past.

February 2005
I don’t think that I make a very good eBay seller.

March 2005
I have recently heard from a few old high school friends.

April 2005
I think that finding one’s own style, whether it be in fashion or home decor, can be a very difficult thing.

May 2005
Well, I’ve finally had enough of PayPal and eBay.

June 2005
I’m thinking about leaving my job again.

July 2005
I was finally starting to feel good again, yesterday morning.

August 2005
Our wedding is just under two months away, and there still seems like there is so much to do: one more dress fitting for me, finding the right suit for quanta, sending all our paperwork to Mexico, etc.

September 2005
My quanta has just posted an entry that has made me re-evaluate him a little bit (For Richer or Poorer).

October 2005
Late Wednesday afternoon I became Mrs. quanta.

November 2005
Blessed Samhain to all my Pagan readers. A day late is better then not at all.

December 2005
Regardless of how often I manage to mangle it, I love the English language.

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1 Responses to Year in Review – 2005

  1. Steph says:

    Happy Solstice!!