A Few Changes in Direction

I’ve been giving some thought to the direction that I want this blog to take. My blog description is “Reflections on life from a somewhat confused spiritual seeker.” Because of this, I feel like all, or at least the majority, of my entries should be of a spiritual bent. And since I am Wiccan, I usually feel like they should have some Wiccan slant. Well, that doesn’t feel right anymore.

I guess it comes down to this: being Wiccan is part of my entire life, whether I am meditating or cooking dinner. So, in a way, everything I do and everything I write has a Wiccan slant. This means I’m going to change the focus of my blog just a little bit. I’m going to talk a little more about my “regular” life, my attempts at writing, and my thoughts about everything in general. I still plan to write about spirituality, but I won’t limit myself to that alone.

I’d like to say that I hope this won’t cause me to loose too many readers. But, as much as I enjoy having people read my blog, ultimately this blog is for me. If you enjoy reading my upcoming entries, all the better.

And my new blog description: Reflections on life from a woman discovering herself and the world.

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