Cantonese vs. Egyptian

I’m having a hard time deciding if I should learn Cantonese (the language of quanta’s family) or if I should learn to read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs (the writing system of my biggest passion, outside of quanta of course). I know that my poor brain is only capable of learning one, but I don’t know how to decide.

So, the pros of learning Cantonese:

  • can talk to quanta’s relatives (all of which speak English anyway)
  • may get better deals in Chinatown
  • helpful if we ever visit Hong Kong (highly unlikely)
  • helpful when teaching future children (if any) about their heritage

The pros of learning hieroglyphs:

  • can read inscriptions first hand
  • can be a form of worship of Isis
  • something I have always wanted to do

What is more important, family or faith?

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1 Responses to Cantonese vs. Egyptian

  1. Sparrow says:

    Faith. Sometimes it really is all you have left.