Blogging 360

If you take a look over to the left, you will see that I’ve added my Xbox 360 gamer tag and a link to my Xbox’s very own blog. Amazing, eh? I do share my gamer tag with quanta, since he seems to be too lazy to make his own and switch all the time, or maybe he is being nice and helping me to get a larger gamer score. Either way, you might see some games listed that really aren’t to my taste, namely Fight Night Round 3 and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

Right now I am having a great time playing Kameo. It is a very pretty adventure/role-playing game that really is a whole lot of fun.

As for the Xbox 360 itself, it is a very nice system, although the DVD drive is exceptionally loud. The Xbox dashboard is nicely integrated, as is the Xbox Live Marketplace. My biggest complaint, other than the loud drive, is the fact that when browsing the marketplace, the Xbox continually pauses while it loads items. One would think that the system would be capable of containing a small list of items in memory.

I don’t think I would have the system, though, if I hadn’t received it for free. I’m not overly keen on Microsoft, and I don’t think that the 360 will stack up well against the PlayStation 3. Gosh, I sound like a fangirl, don’t I?

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1 Responses to Blogging 360

  1. Jaspenelle says:

    Xbox nor PlayStation work on Linux so I have no comment on either other then I wish they would… 😉