Iran-Canada Affair

The other day, I wrote about The National Post article claiming that Iran was going to implement a badge system for non-Muslims. Well, it looks like this story really was false, and that it has gotten Canada in a bit of hot water: Iran summons Cdn. envoy after erroneous story. Of course, it doesn’t help that our inept and media-unfriendly PM made a comment to the effect that this dress code was reminiscence for Nazi Germany. *sigh*

I wish I could understand why The National Post decided to run this story, on the front page no less, without throughly checking sources. Did they think people would take them at their word and not check sources themselves? Did they think that there would be no reaction from Iran? I suppose, if the story had turned out to be true, they could have had a great lead on their hands. But, with something so potentially inflammatory, they should have taken the time to make sure that they were publishing the correct information.

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