Terrorists in TO

You might have heard something about a big arrest here in Toronto on Friday night. The gist of it is that 17 people with suspected links to terrorists (although they were not part of al-Qaida) were arrested overnight here in the GTA. Apparently, they had recently bought 3 tonnes (3.3 tons for you Yanks) of ammonium nitrate, intending to use it to make bombs. It is likely they were going to bomb the CSIS office (which is the equivalent of the Canadian FBI, sorta) and the provincial parliament building (which may not have been a big loss, partly because the politicians are on holiday right now, I believe).

Interesting, some of the people arrested were Canadian citizens and all were Canadian residents. They also ranged in age and social class. Also, CSIS, the RCMP, and police in the GTA have known about this group for a number of months. I suppose last night was the right time to strike.

I’m not really scared by any of this. I live in Canada’s biggest city, so I am well aware that if terrorist were to strike, this is a very tempting target. Whenever I take the subway or go downtown I worry a little. It is sad that I have to think that way, but thankfully nothing has happened here yet. But I do like to make sure that I always tell quanta I love him when he leaves for work, since you never know what might happen.

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