Creativ Idols

Late in October I went to Toronto’s bi-annual Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival (currently being re-branded to CreativFestival). It is a big (for Canada) show with lots of vendors, presentations and classes. I try to attend the fall show, most because it is in downtown Toronto and much easier to get to then the spring show, which is out near the Toronto airport. I love looking at all the cross stitch vendors, and I usually buy something from another craft too–this year I bought soap molds and rubber stamps.

The extra super big attraction for me this time was Teresa Wentzler. She is my favourite cross stitch designer and I was excited to be able to take some classes with her. It was lovely to meet her. She is quiet and reserved, but also very friendly.

I was also lucky enough to meet Jennifer Aikman-Smith, the talented designer behind Dragon Dreams, and another favourite of mine. She was fabulous–tall, loud, funny, and friendly.

I had a great time at the festival. I even won a copy of the children’s book Jennifer illustrated over the summer: Just Nanny and Me & Fun Things To Paint. I hope Teresa and Jennifer teach classes at future festivals–I know I’ll be there if they do.

This is a needlecase from one of the classes taught by Teresa Wentzler. (I’ve blurred out my name.) It uses cross stitch and over-one cross stitch, as well as Dinky Dies Airlie silk.

Teresa Wentzler's Needle Guardian

You can see more pictures of items from the classes I took, as well as my signed copy of Just Nanny and Me, in my CSNF Gallery.

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One Response to Creativ Idols

  1. mama kelly says:

    That is a fine and beautiful piece of work.

    I used to very much enjoy doing cross-stitch, unfortunately my eyes don’t seem to work well enough anymore to do such fine work so I stick to crochet.

    mama kelly