Polar Bears Abound

Lately I’ve been working on a Top Secret project that has required me to spend a lot of time looking at the websites for provincial and territorial ministries of education. (Okay, the project isn’t exactly top secret, but that makes it sound cooler and infinitely less boring then it actually is…)

Anyway, while exploring the government site for the relatively new territory of Nunavut, I noticed something odd–Nunavut ripped off Nelvana’s logo!

Nelvana LogoNunavut Logo

(Hopefully using these logos is acceptable under copyright fair use exceptions…)

The logo’s aren’t identical, but it sure seems like Nunavut’s (est. April 1, 1999) polar bear was inspired by Nelvana’s (est. 1971).

I wonder if any other countries/provinces/states have logos (or flags, or crests) that look similar to ones used by a company.

And since I am writing about governmental oddities, check out this site that rates and critiques national flags: The world’s flags given letter grades. Canada got an A-.

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