Shades of Blue

On Wednesday evening, quanta and I saw the Toronto version of the Blue Man Group show as part of our office Christmas party.  The show was very different than anything I have ever seen before, and I’m not really sure that I enjoyed it.  The music was exceptionally loud, and the strobe lights were uncomfortable.  But, there were sections of the show that were amazing.

I really liked the themes of information overload and pollution that played a role in some parts of the show.  It was interesting to me to see how I reacted to sections were you had time to only read one of three posters.  When the posters I read said that the other posters could be read at, I felt a strange sense of relief.  But, being me, I still tried to read all of the posters.  I’m glad I did, because the website doesn’t show what’s on the posters!  But, by trying to read all the posters, I think I proved one of the points they were trying to make–that we fill ourselves with much more information then we need.

I was really disappointed by obvious product placements in the show.  Food is used in several sections, and the logos associated with the food are always clearly visible.  This seems to be in conflict with the show’s theme of information overload.

Overall, I’m pretty sure I would not go see the show again, but in an odd way I’m glad I did see.  If only for that small insight into myself that it gave me.


If you do go to a Blue Man Group show, be aware that people who sit in the front may get hit with food.  (Plastic ponchos are supplied.)  And also be aware that at the end of the show strobe lights are used excessively, and you will get buried in paper.

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