Proving My Point

I’ve always believed that one shouldn’t buy a new video game console until it has been about at least a year.  That way, there is plenty of time for the bugs to be worked out, and for good games to be released!

I have to admit, though, that I have been lusting after Nintendo’s new console, the Wii.  (Wii jokes abound in our house, and most aren’t appropriate for this blog.)  quanta, being the frugal man he is, has held off on buying it for me.  And I will, sadly, admit that I am not glad that he has.  Apparently the isolated reports of broken Wii wrist straps aren’t that isolated, and Nintendo will be replacing them all!  Wow!

So, my purchase of a Wii will be held off a little while longer… Well, at least until the summer, when Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers comes out.

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