TMJ Spells Pain

My problems with stress have finally resulted in a physical problem that isn’t going to go away. Apparenlty I have TMJ syndrome. Essentially, I’ve worn away my jaw joint because I clench my teeth when I am stressed. Likely, based on other problems I’ve had and talks with other specialists, my joints are slightly predisposed to damage, making the problem even worse.

So, the solutions are pain killers (which do not work thanks to my high tolerance), a dental appliance that helps with the grinding of teeth (which I don’t do), toughing it out (which I am), Botox injection in the joint (never!) and surgery (which I will avoid until my face is ready to fall off). Looks like a diet of soft food for me, and even less talk then I already do.

Honestly, I am completely crushed by this. I spend a year and a half going to a physiotherapist for my knees so that I would not have to live the rest of my life in pain. And today, I find out that my sinus infection is actually TMJ syndrome, which means pain. Life, sometimes, is very unfair.

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