Around the World and At Home

It has been a full week, both personally and in the world at large.

Personally, I am still dealing with a good deal of pain. I think it was better when I thought it was a sinus infection that was going to go away soon. Knowing that it may stick around for a while makes it much harder to ignore. (Yes, whinge, whinge.) I am coping better, thought, and feeling much happier. I’m enjoying playing with the Wii. It is loads of fun, and worth every penny, especially since the funny games are helping to lift my spirits.

Work is work, but that’s nothing new. On Friday we visited the new campus where part of the company is based and where most of the rest of it will be shortly. I got a chance to sit it on some call centre calls. (I thought retail sucked, but call centre is even worse.) We also were able to learn a little bit about what other sections of the company are working. Overall, it was very interesting, and I really enjoyed myself. Hopefully, in a few weeks we will get to visit another company location where more of the nuts and bolts sort of operations are handled.

In the world at large, Anna Nicole Smith died, which is something that came completely out of left field. When famous people are older, it isn’t so unexpected when they die. But Anna Nicole Smith is only 10 years older then me, and so much larger then life. I hope that the legal battle over her daughter and her former husband’s wealthy don’t end up causing too many problems for the poor little girl that has been left behind.

And then there was the nasty political ads that our current ruling party is running on TV. They are bashing Liberal leader Stephan Dion, for no particular reason that I can figure out. There is no election expected soon… or least, not as of today. The ads are mean and insulting to Canadians, I think.

The Pickton trial continues in B.C., and the Libby trial goes on in the States. Bird flu has come to Britain, and Canadians are told not to travel to Mexico. An astronaut went crazy, and a child porn ring was broken. So, I suppose, nothing really unusual happened this week. Thank goodness.

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