Little Mosque

I’m not really one to watch to sit-coms, but the CBC’s new show Little Mosque on the Prairie is really fun to watch. In a nut shell, the show is about a small Muslim community in a rural town somewhere in the middle of Canada. The regular cast consists of some of the Muslim community members, their Imam, a local priest (who hosts the mosque in his church hall), the mayor, and the local shock joke (played by Neil Crone, who you might know from Canadian television, Pushing Tin or Hollywoodland).

Being a Canadian TV show, the production values are a little lacking. But, overall, the show is very well done. The actors are funny (if occasionally awkward), and the situations are fairly realistic. In the most recent episode, a couple of the women try to get a female lifeguard hired for the local pool so they can take swimming classes without having to wear a Muslim bathing suit. Of course, hilarity ensues when the shock jock learns about it.

When the show was announced, there was some controversy about the CBC making fun of Muslims, mainly from overseas news outlets. (CNN, I’m looking at you.) The show has been very well received in Canada, and present Muslims, and other Canadians, in a funny and friendly light.

Keep reading to see a clip of the show and a clip of part of an open-minded CNN segment about it.

News clip from CNN

Clip from Episode 1

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  1. MoonMorgan says:

    That was great thanks. I had yet to see the show and it looks pretty funny. It’s also sad though that people can’t be more open-minded about others. The creator said it was based on being a Muslim in a small town.