Da Vinci, The Grail, and Me

Last night, quanta and I watched The Da Vinci Code. While it was quanta’s first experience with the story (beyond watching bits and pieces of a few Da Vinci Code inspired documentaries), I was intimately familiar with it. Firstly, I had read the book about two years ago, and was neither impressed or disappointed. But the idea of Christ’s bloodline was something I knew about from some reading my father had done years ago. And, I was also aware of the story/myth/what-have-you because of my family’s history–Roslyn Chapel was built by one of my direct ancestors.The Da Vinci Cod

For those of you who haven’t read the book or don’t know exactly how the story ends, I won’t spoil it other then to say, if the theory is true, I’m feeling a little ripped off. Seriously though, I believe that Jesus almost certainly did have children, and that there are likely millions of people walking around with his blood in their veins. I also believe Jesus was not the literal son of God, but rather His figurative son. Meaning that Jesus was a very special man who was very aware of the divine, and did his best to let others know what he knew. Sadly, things probably haven’t turn out as well as he would have hoped, I’m sure.

But what about those people who may carry Jesus’s blood? Well, I don’t think they are (or would be) any more or less special then anyone else. I believe that we all carry the divine within ourselves, but some of us are more aware of it then others. I know that I am special and loved by the divine, but I also know that I can’t walk on water or turn water into wine.

For some fun, try creating your own Dan Brown novel synopsis. Or read about the Da Vinci Code at Wikipedia.

The image is from a card published by Recycled Paper Greetings in 2004/2005.

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