Spring = Cold

After a long winter filled with a mix of very mild and very cold weather, spring has finally arrived. And, along with it, I have gotten my first cold in about six months. I’m trying to fight it off with the magical Cold-FX, but I fear that nature may be winning. Apparently, though, getting sick is actually good for you. (HA!) A new book, Survival of the Sickest, claims that getting sick provides positive evolutionary advantages.* (Double Ha!)

So, as I suffer with a running nose and a body that just wants to sleep, I will take some comfort in the fact that I am building up some tolerance that I can pass on to my future (hypothetical) offspring. Do you think that they will be more likely to let me have a few sick days off at work if I tell them I am helping to make the future a better place by sleeping all afternoon?

* Apparently the book focuses more on hereditary diseases, rather then on things like the common cold. I haven’t read it yet myself, so I’m making generalized comments based on the buzz that I have read regarding the book. And I still think having a cold sucks.

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