Wii is Home!

The Wii made it home Tuesday night, much to my delight. I received a replacement Wii, which had all of my saved games, Miis, and other info installed. I was exceptionally pleased, although I was a little concerned with how it was packaged for shipping: a cardboard box inside a Purolator envelope. Hardly the way to protect an expensive electronic device, and all the more distressing because the package didn’t look like it had been treated well at all during its cross-country trip. Thankfully, though the Wii worked just fine, at first…

After about ten minutes of play, the screen would jump between displaying the game and a black screen—my AV cables were defective. I called Nintendo again right away, and was told that they probably didn’t check the cables I sent in with my repair. So, there is a good chance there was never anything wrong with the Wii itself, it probably always was the cables. Gritting my teeth with frustration Dealing well with the annoyance of it all, I was able to get a new set of AV cables sent out to me via Canada Post’s fast shipping method (i.e. they will arrive in two days, clearly we use door sleds up here or something).

So, I needlessly sent my Wii away for a two week vacation, but it looks like everything will work out in the end. And soon I will be able to enjoy my housecleaning game without any interruptions.

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