Wii Coming Home… Eventually

My Wii repair is not going as smoothly as I had originally thought.

First, I paid to ship the Wii in for repair. I was supposed to have received instructions on setting up the shipment with Purolator for free, but I didn’t. So, now I have to send my receipt in to Nintendo and hope that they reimburse me somehow, hopefully with Wii Points.

Now that my Wii is shipping back to me, after a week at Nintendo, I am without a tracking number. I called Nintendo this afternoon and they said to call back for it in two days because they need to get the information from Nintendo of Canada. I did find out, however, that it is being shipped by ground service, so it will likely take a week to reach me.

I’ve also had a heck of a time tracking my shipment because the website and phone numbers given in the emails from Nintendo of Canada are for Nintendo of America. And, surprisingly, Nintendo of America doesn’t track Nintendo of Canada repairs. In other words, all the contact information I am getting sent is wrong. And when I called Nintendo of America this afternoon, I got stuck in an endless loop trying to track my repair. First the system asked for my repair number, which it said it couldn’t find. It then offered me the chance to speak to a representative, and then asked for my repair number again. On and on it would have went if I hadn’t hung up and just hit zero instead of trying the menu.

Nintendo, if you are going to keep Canadian repair orders separate, then provide a Canadian number for customer service. And when your representatives tell a customer that they will receive a tracking number, make sure they do.

Hopefully I will soon be reunited with my Wii, likely three weeks after it left its snug home next to my TV. And hopefully I will never have to send anything in for repair again.

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