Pond Still Alive

It has been about three and a half months since my last post, likely making nearly everyone suspect that I’ve given up on my blog.  Far from it.  Life has been a series of if not adventures, then at least interesting events, for the last little while.

I turned 30 on May 10th, not too long before my last post.  On May 11th we bought a lovely condo within the GTA, and moved there on July 10th.  It was a mad two months of cleaning, de-cluttering, and packing, but the move went smoothly in the end, all things considered.

The biggest event of the last few months has been my pregnancy.  I found out I was pregnant on May 13th, Mother’s Day.  (How fitting!)  Unfortunately, I’m one of the lucky women who suffer horribly from morning sickness, and was all but stuck in bed sick from the middle of May to the middle of July (which is why the move was more difficult then it should have been).  It has only been in the last few weeks that I have begun to feel more like myself, just in time for the baby to begin learning to play drums in my abdomen (making me feel slightly ill and very uncomfortable).

As I start my fifth month of pregnancy, I am recovering.  The baby is doing very well, even if I’m not at my best.  We have also learned that it is a boy.  I suspected so all along, but no one believed me, of course.

The wee one is due on January 19th, and quanta and I are eagerly awaiting his arrival.

As a note, if you happen to know me in real life but didn’t know I was pregnant, obviously you need to give me a call!

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