Older, but Not Wiser

I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers the childhood/rock saying “Never trust anyone over 30.” So, what do you do when you reach 30? This is a dilemma I am now faced with, because I turned 30 yesterday.

Okay, hardly anyone lives their life based on such maxims, but it still gives one pause. When you are little, 30 is old! Your parents are 30, their friends are 30, your teachers are even older then 30. And then you get older, and 30 is still old, but not quite as old. In your 20’s, 30 looms large, but still seems so far away. And then one day (for me a lovely spring day, but no less painful for that), you are 30. Ouch.

There is one nice thing about getting older: instead of getting Barbie dolls as gifts, I’m now getting Chanel No.5 and emerald earrings. That certainly eases the pain of a few gray hairs.

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