Joy’s Fat Rant

As I have mentioned in the past, I consider myself Rubenesque, curvy… in a word: fat. Sometimes I don’t care, other times I want to hide in the house. I’m not ashamed on my weight; I think that I am quite pretty. What bothers me is the reactions of other people. I live in a large city full of want-to-be-fashionistas; pencil thin women who eat only a carrot stick for lunch. They seem to hate fat people. Maybe it isn’t so much my size they hate, but rather that I eat whatever I want and don’t feel guilty (usually).

I may be fat, but I do try to take care of myself. I am not extremely active (I’m very clumsy so playing sports is dangerous!), but I walk a lot as well as do yoga and play Dance Dance Revolution occasionally. I eat fairly well, and get enough sleep. My health is relatively good, and I am always trying to make it better. And yet, I’m still fat. I don’t think I will ever try a strict diet or a hardcore exercise program to loose weight. I know that they don’t work for the long term, and life is more about the long term then the short.

It is nice to know that ideals of beauty are slowly changing, with more normal models showing up in advertisements, like those for Dove. But honestly, I will scream if I see any other tabloid calling some star who wears a size 12 overweight.

For another perspective on being fat, check out this video by Joy Nash.

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