Money for This, or That?

Sometimes a person really needs to think about what their priorities are. In terms of money, one can get very moral and say that any extra money (beyond what is required to a normal, comfortable lifestyle and savings for retirement) should be donated to charities. Or, one can be greedy and say “I made it, I get to spend it on ME!!” *cough* I’m somewhere in the middle. Although, right now, quanta can rightly claim that he is actually the one making the money…

Anyway, as I said, priorities. As a Taurus, I’m a born collector. I love being surrounded by things that make me happy. But I don’t like to be crowded out of my home, so I try to find a balance, and I purge things once in a while, sometimes donating to charity and sometimes selling things to raise money to… uh… buy more things. I also go in cycles. For a few months I’m fixated on video games, then books, then Tarot decks, then cross stitch. Right now it is a big cross stitch wave that I am riding, partially financed by selling off several Tarot decks and some old cross stitch items I no longer need or want.

If I had all the money I wanted, I would probably buy more Tarot decks, in all honesty. (Yes, and support charities, and build hospitals for the sick. That stuff goes without say.) So, if it is Tarot decks that I really want, why do I buy cross stitch things? Well, I don’t have all the money in the world, so I need to be wise(ish) about where I spend my money. There is a better chance of me finishing up the cross stitch kit I bought last week than there is of me ever really using my newest Tarot deck until it wastes away to nothing. But, if I had lots of money, I could afford to be a collector and not worry about using ever deck I bought. Wonderful logic, eh?

On a related note, a big FU to the person who stole my credit card number to buy a ticket on Norwegian Airlines. Sure hope you went somewhere nice first class, as it sure cost enough.

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