Ovulation Gene Found

Researchers in Montreal have apparently found the gene responsible for a woman’s ovulation. Lrh1 affects the ovaries and ovulation, and could possibly lead to new types of birth control and fertility treatment.

I’m pretty excited by this news. I would love to see medicinal birth control methods that move away from steroid use. And I’m sure there are many women who are desperate for new forms of fertility treatments.

But, when there are announcements like this about being able to control our bodies (and especially women’s bodies), debates are likely to rage about how ethical or moral it is. There are women who are horrified at the thought of not being fertile all the time, because it is what makes them a woman. On the other hand, now that I have had my child, I would gladly give up my period and I’m pretty certain I’m not alone in feeling that way. There is more to being a woman than having the ability to give birth (or rather, get pregnant).

If Lrh1 is able to be developed into new birth control methods, I think it will be a wonderful thing. The more options a woman has for control her fertility, the more freedom she has to live her life the way that best suits her. Personally, though, I am more interested in seeing the day where there is no debate about birth control, where it is accessible to all women who want it, and the use of it is a non-issue. Just as welcome will be the day when all women who desire children will be able to get pregnant.

There is some more information here:

* “Edmonton Journal”:http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/story.html?id=7c145590-8b2f-4511-b696-cb02588650db

* “Medical News Today”:http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/115399.php

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