Xbox 360 RRoD

I’ve been buying game consoles for many years. My first was the Sega Master System, and my latest is the Wii. Over the years I’ve never run into any significant problems. That is, until the current generation of consoles. My Wii went in for repairs shortly after I got it, and now my Xbox 360 has finally succumbed to the Red Ring of Death.

Yes, am I now without an Xbox 360. We knew it was only a matter of time, as our Xbox was smack in the middle of the production runs that are notorious for RRoD problems. I used to joke about it, and speculate on just how long it would take until it happened. Well, last Sunday morning as I was gearing up for a marathon Lost Odyssey session (with a baby, that means gaming in 5 minute bursts), the Xbox responded to my loving touch with the RRoD.

The Xbox Coffin arrived yesterday, and now my Xbox is somewhere between here and the Canadian fulfilment centre. Hopefully it will make its way home quickly. And hopefully it will run perfectly for years to come once it returns.


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