Possible Changes at The Pond

I’m sure that my few remaining readers have noticed that there haven’t been many posts on Reflections in the Pond lately. And those posts that have appeared don’t really fit my previous theme of my spiritual journey. Honestly, it is very difficult to find time for myself because of Baby C. At 17 weeks, he still demands nearly every waking moment. Occasionally I can steal a few minutes for myself, like when he has a nap (which are usually very short) or when he falls asleep early (which only means that he will wake up earlier in the morning). Sadly, not only is my blog on hold, but so is my main site, and most of my life.

With the silentblue.net expiring in July, there may be some changes happening around here. Things may continue as is, or the Pond may move to a new URL, or the Pond may just dry up. Right now, the focus is on Baby C and the rest of my family. This blog and my main site have been, and hopefully will continue to be, an excellent outlet for me. We shall see how things develop.

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