DMC Not Safe… Maybe

So, contrary to my last post (DMC Safe), DMC’s French mother company has gone into receivership. The needlework division been placed under the administration of two Recovery Administrators, and have been given a six month probation period to see how they do financially. This was announced shortly after I made my post. (Updates are slow here at the Pond, thanks to Baby C.)

This sounds all well and good, right? DMC USA has released a press release thats says they are fine, and will continue to sell floss. (This is not a rumour I am starting, this is what the DMC USA press release says.) However, there is one small problem… DMC’s factory is in France. Pull out some of your floss and take a look at the packaging. So, now I am very curious as to how DMC USA will continue to sell floss if the factory in France is closed.

For more info about DMC France’s situation, check out these news stories:
DMC place en redressement judicaire (May 5, 2008)
Le destin de DMC retenu a un fil (May 6, 2008)
DMC France Press Release (May 8, 2008, significantly later than the DMC USA one)

(I suggest using Bablefish to translate them.)

So, good thoughts ladies, until DMC USA sends out another press release, or until the probation period is up for DMC France and we find out some concrete news re. our favourite floss. And for the record, DMC, I think I would rather see you go out of business than start producing sub-par floss.

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