DMC Safe

For the past week or so, the needlework world has been in a bit of a tizzy. Through partially translated newspaper reports and press releases, we learned that DMC Corp. in France was declaring bankruptcy. This, naturally, lead to much wailing and gnashing on teeth. If there is one thing needleworks are, it is loyal to a particular brand of thread. With DMC, arguably the most popular brand of floss, seemingly disappearing, panic set in as stitchers realized they would have to spent precious time converting charts into other floss types.

Well, today DMC USA finally addressed the situation, in English. It seems that only two divisions of DMC are filing for bankruptcy: the sportswear division, and the craft shop division. Our beloved floss is safe. You can read more here: PRESS RELEASE: DMC to continue selling the best quality and most recommended Embroidery Floss for another 262 years!

Now, I do have some advice for DMC. Firstly, when these rumours start due to press releases and news stories only being available in French, put out an English translation right away to stave off panic. Also, please, please, please concentrate on you core business. Fancy flosses and craft stores are nice, but we want you to keep making the plain, old cotton floss we love for at least another 262 years! Oh, and please ship to Canada from your U.S. online store. We aren’t that far away, you know, and you are loosing out on business.

To add to the crafting theme of this entry, below is my lastest cross stitch finish: Cleopatra Embroidered Paper Doll by Lynne Nicoletti.

Cleopatra Paper Doll, Lynne Nicoletti, 2008 - Cleopatra

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