Life with Baby (7 Months and Counting)

Baby C is now 7 months old.  On one hand, the time has passed very slowly, and on the other hand, I am blown away by how much he has changed in such a short time.

Life with a baby is different, it put it mildly.  I went from working at a downtown office of a large company, to spending all my time with a crying, laughing, amazing ball of energy.  Life is much slower, almost like time is standing still.  I find that my movements are restricted–no more heading out to the bookstore when the mood strikes.  And yet, outings with the baby, even to the post office, are full of so much more wonder than I could have ever imagined.  Everything is new to Baby C, and he is at the age where he watches and watches, soaking in all of his experiences.

Sometimes I wish quanta and I could just pop across the street for some sushi, or that I could take an afternoon nap when I’m tired.  But the reality is that life is all about Baby C.  Not that I am suffering, mind you.  I still find some time for myself, especially since he is sleeping for longer stretches at night (although I do miss the 2+ hour naps in the afternoon).  And, one day not to far away, when he has gone off to pre-school or a play group, I know I’ll find myself missing him, and wondering what to do with all the quiet time.

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