Visiting the Real World

I don’t get out much anymore.  Or, rather, the Baby Man and I don’t go beyond our little neighbourhood; a place where people have come to recognize the lady with the baby in the red stroller.  Today, though, I ventured out into the real world: Downtown Toronto.

The area around Eaton Centre is, at best, extremely busy on a good day.  Today, though, there was the addition of the tourists attend the Toronto International Film Festival and all the frosh from U of T adding to the chaos.  (A note to tourists: taking pictures of yourself sitting on the sofas in Pottery Barn really does make it obvious you are not from around here.)

I realized, as I angerly fought my way through the crowds, that I have become very cocooned in my current life.  Things have gotten much slower, and the only urgency occurs with the Baby Man spits up or needs his diaper changed.  I like things they way they are now, much more than being part of the daily madness.  While I may not have time to meditate (or even think) anymore, in some ways the pace of my life is a bit like an ongoing meditation, at least compared to how it used to be.

Things will begin to speed up soon, though.  I’m starting back to work this coming week.  At least I am lucky enough to be able to work from home and have a lot of control over my hours.  Maybe going back to work will return some discipline to my life.  Goodness knows, beyond cross stitching, oh, and raising the Baby Man, I haven’t gotten much accomplished this year.

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