So, I Guess We Are All Still Here… Where’s the Pudding?

This morning, CERN’s new Large Hadron Collider started up… and it looks like the world didn’t end.  Darn, I guess I really need to look into that diet.

Anyway, you may remember me mentioning back in March that some scientists were certain that this new, extremely large particle accelerator would cause the Earth to disappear into a giant black hole.  Or, uh, turn us all into pudding or something.  Clearly that didn’t happen.

quanta and I admitted to each other this morning that we were glad that it came to pass with nothing more exciting happening than an abnormally large number of accidents on the highways around Toronto.  (Unrelated?  I think not!)

Seriously, there are some events that, even though you know nothing is going to happen, you can’t help but dread their approach.  The anniversary of September 11th is one, Y2K was another.  The sane part of your mind tells you that it is just going to be another day, and there is no rational reason to worry.  But that media-soaked, crazy, caveman part of your mind can’t help but say “WHAT IF??!?!?  OMG!!!”

So, tomorrow with be another one of those days, at least for North Americans.  But remember, September 11th, 2001 started out as a normal day.  Disasters don’t happen when we expect them to.

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