In Living LCD… With No Government

quanta and I have finally taken a step into the 21st century.  Last week, my Christmas present arrived a little early–a 47″ LG LCD TV.  I was more than a little shocked, since I thought we had agreed to wait a year, in hopes of seeing our investments recover a little bit before we bought a new TV.  Now, though, the Baby Man can safely bring friends home from pre-school and not be ashamed of the CRT in the living room.  (Not that he is in pre-school yet, but, you know, peer pressure starts early nowadays.)

(Bonus points to anyone who can name all four video game consoles that are in evidence in this picutre.  Honestly, there are four.  Look hard.)

In other news, the Canadian government is totally malfunctioning.  Although we have just had an election, there is a chance we could be going to the polls again very earlier in the new year, or we may end up with a coalition government made up of the Liberal and NDP parties, augmented by the separatist Bloc party (!).  And even though they look to regain control of the Parliament, the Liberals still can’t get their act together.  The current leader, Stephane Dion, was originally due to step down in May, but less then an hour ago he said he was throwing in the towel now.  He is most likely to be replaced by Michael Ignatieff, who is the representative for the area where I live… and not my top choice for the job.

I have nothing against a coalition leading the Parliament.  Of course, this is likely because I am not a fan of the Conservatives. Mostly, what I want is for the politicians to get their act together.  With the current economic climate, we need them in Parliament doing their jobs, rather than sitting on their hinnies.  Stop being a coward, Harper, and let’s get back to work.

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