Life is Needlework

For a little while now I have been occasionally writing in another blog: Stitching Lotus.  It has been my crafting blog, where I share pictures and thoughts about my needlework and knitting.  I have decided, though, that come the new year, I will be merging that blog with this one.

Originally, this blog was meant to be a place where I shared my thoughts about life, and specifically my spiritual journey.  I’ve thrown in some memes, some talk about politics, and a few other things.  But overall, it was a blog about me as a Wiccan and Tarot reader.  My life changed significantly this year with the birth of my wonderful, happy, adorable son.  Blog entries have become less frequent, and definitely much less eloquent.  Personally, I have found that I take a great deal of comfort now in domestic tasks, like my needlework.  In the way that Tarot and Wicca are, needlework is my comfort.  It is “a defense against slothfulness, weariness and sad thoughts”1.  And as such, I believe it deserves a place in this blog, and should not be relegated elsewhere, away from my little home on the Internet.

I’m also hoping to find another photo meme to take part in.  So, you might find the blog becoming a bit more picture heavy in the coming months.

I appreciate everyone who has stuck it out during this year, and I’m also grateful for all the new readers.  Even though I may not comment, I am reading your blogs too. (Assuming you’ve left a trail for me to follow!)

1. Dinah M. Craik, A Woman’s Thoughts About Woman, 1891.

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2 Responses to Life is Needlework

  1. Owldaughter says:

    This is one of the drawbacks of reading via RSS — you don’t get to see the links on the sidebar to other nifty things like crafting blogs! Yay for merging them. 🙂

  2. SacredAngel says:

    No matter how angry I get, knitting or crocheting always soothes my spirit.