So, Did You Get the Email?

Being a stay-at-home mom/working from home, I do most of my communication with the outside world through email.  And while I may not respond to all my email right away (I have dirty diapers to change, you know), I sort of feel ignored if I have to wait a long time for someone to reply to me.

Yeah, it is a bit of a double standard.  And, I’m sure you would think that I could be better at replying to my emails since I’m at home, always around at least three (or five, if you count the Wii and my phone) devices that give me access to email.  And you’d think I would be more forgiving of all those people out there in the world, surrounded by distractions (like other adults to talk to! OMG!), sometimes even cut off from Internet access.  The horror of it all!  Well, no. 😛

It’s funny, I think, how we often expect more of other people than of ourselves, especially when it comes to what they should be doing for us.

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