The 50+ Challenge

So, the 50 Project Challenge isn’t off to a particularly good start. I have yet to finish anything, and I’ve already bought some stash.

First, a finish from before I started the challenge: Take Time to Stitch by Jeanette Douglas.

Take Time to Stitch by Jeanette Douglas Designs
Fabric: Unknown 32ct. linen in natural
Threads: Thread pack for design

And a picture of my last, pre-Challenge stash buy: Filatura Di Crosa Millefili Fine in shade 282 (a variegated blue that was apparently discounted in Spring 2008) that I will used to crochet this shawl. (I’ll be starting crochet classes in February.)  The yarn is nice and was on sale very cheap.

So, now the bad news. Since I started the challenge, I have bought:

  • Mother’s Tree by Lavender and Lace – doesn’t count as this will be a long term project, and ties in with genealogy research my dad and I have been working on off and on for a while
  • three balls of Bernat Sox yarn – cheapish and discontinued, but it counts too

What to do? Well, I’m not calling the challenge off. Instead, I will add one project to it for each… stumble. So, it is now the 50+3 Project Challenge.

And a picture of my first sock! I’m just about to get to my toes, which is where I will stop. We are going to learn how to do the toe at next week’s class. (I have the second sock down just to where I’ve turned the heel, in an attempt to avoid the Second Sock Syndrome, and maybe get my first challenge finish.) Oh, please ignore the fact that I obviously need a pedicure. 🙂

As for cross stitch, Birds of a Feather is getting close to being finished. I’m on the fourth and final page. A few more rows and I will have a finish! But first I need to spend some time charting out my name and the date for one of the rows. So, maybe with some luck, it will be done this weekend.

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