Asleep in My Arms

The other night Baby Man woke up at about 9:30pm.  Very unusual for him; he’s slept through the night since he was about three months old.  (Except for a few weeks around Christmas, that is.  But that was because his pjs were too small…)  After letting him cry for a little while in hopes that he would go back to sleep, I went into his room to see if I could calm him down.

That night, I feel in love with my Baby Man all over again.  He was grumpy and tired, but when Mommy picked him up and started to rock him, he feel right asleep.  It nearly broke my heart.

You see, Baby Man has never been a cuddly baby.  After about the first month, he preferred to be ensconced in his papasan swing.  There he would rock back and forth and fall asleep.  Sometimes, if I was lucky, he would have his afternoon nap on my lap.  If I was really lucky, he would fall asleep on my chest, and I would get a nap too.  But, mostly, he was content to sooth himself.

He is only 14 months old, but I already feel like he is growing up.  He loves to play by himself, stacking his Megablocks, pulling his train, or pushing along his cars.  He can hardly walk or talk, but I see him already becoming his own person.  But it is nice to know that once in a while he still needs Mommy to rock him to sleep after a bad dream.

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