Earth Hour 2009

I was really disappointed to see how few people in our neighbourhood took part in Earth Hour.  The two buildings next to us appeared to be only slightly less lit up than normal, and the seniors’ condo and the larger condo complex down the road both were as lit up they would be any day of the week.

I don’t understand why some people aren’t willing to take the simplest of steps.  How difficult is it to turn off the lights for an hour?  The gods forbid that we would have to miss our favourite shows and instead sit and talk with our loved ones in the candlelight with our loved ones.

If it is so hard for us to take the simple step of reducing our power usage for one hour a year, how are we ever going to make any progress towards repairing the environment?  Maybe, instead, Earth Hour should be monthly, or even weekly.  Little steps will help, especially if we all take part.

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