A Garden in Camelot

My goodness! Where has the time gone! You’d think I’ve been busy, since it has been so long since my last post. Actually, I’ve had a bit of work to do in the evenings (even though I’m a SAHM now, I still do some research and data analysis for my previous job.)

So, what have I accomplished? Well, the second Show-Off Stranded sock is about 2″ away from having the gusset started. Baby Man’s jacket is nearly done; I’m about halfway through the last sleeve now. I crocheted him a wee Easter Basket using this pattern from Lion Brand, leaving off the flower. (It is a dull, rainy/snowy day here, so my pictures are all very poor.)

Easter Basket by Lion Brand
Yarn: Softee Chunky (basket) and Vanna’s Choice (leaves)

I also finished up the first part of the Papillon Creations SAL Castles in the Air. I think it looks lovely! For more about my changes and thread choices, see this post.

Castles in the Air (Part 1) by Papillon Creations
Threads: DMC and PTB

Fabric: Wind 28ct evenweave from Enchanting Lair

And here is Camelot Miniature, which I believe is now called Medieval Miniature.

Camelot Miniature by TW Designworks
Treads: DMC
Fabric: 25ct. ivory Lugana

This weekend I will be visiting my not-so-LNS to see the Victoria Sampler trunk show. I’m super excited. I really like VS designs, even though they aren’t really my style. I know, that doesn’t make sense at all. I’ll be picking up my birthday gift (a month early), which is VS’s Heirloom Stitching Sampler, as well as the supplies to Nora Corbet’s H fairy and, with luck, My Needle’s Work by Little House Needleworks as well. (Both were charts ordered before my 50 Project Challenge.)

This week I’m aiming to finish up the jacket completely, although I am nervous about seaming it all. Next time, I’m making a seamless jacket! I’d also like to get a few more rows of the Never Ending Blue Shawl of Doom done, and share a picture if it looks like anything. For cross stitch, it will be Camelot Miniature and possibly some of Tree for All Seasons that is in Just Cross Stitch. (Why did they skip a month with it? How strange.)

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