A Little Off the Top

I took Baby Man for a hair cut yesterday.  He was blessed with a full head of hair when he was born, so this is the third time he has had a trim.  Our appointment was supposed to be at 1, and we were perfectly on time (an amazing feat, as anyone with a small child can attest to).  Unfortunately, they were running behind and I needed to entertain the little man for a half an hour with almost no toys or interesting things at my disposal.

I’m always concerned about the little man making too much noise and disturbing other people.  Seeing child yell and run free and make messes while in public just drives me crazy, and I never want my little guy to be like that.  So, the though of having to wait around for an indeterminate amount of time was very worrying.  But, of course, I should know my little man better then that.  He is a super happy guy and generally is exceptionally well behaved.  (Although he is starting to get into the grabby phase, so I need to keep an eye on him when we are out shopping.)  I managed to keep him entertained and happy, with a little help from a couple of books they had at the salon.

Somedays I am just worn about by how difficult being a mom is, and other days I can’t believe how easy the little man makes it for me.  Not only dyd he behave well while we were waiting, but he was a little angel while getting his hair trimed.  There were a few squirms and some looking around, but the cut was fast and easy.  He’s no fashion plate, though, since I had the lady cut his hair pretty short.  He’s still my cutie though.

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