April 2009 Goals

As the baby gets older, I’m discovering that I have less and less time to get things done.  It’s funny how much time kids can take up. 😉  So, with that in mind, I thought I might set myself some goals for April.

  1. Finish knitting Baby Man’s jacket
  2. Finish the second Show-off Stranded Sock
  3. Start Baby Man’s Christmas stocking
  4. Write at least three new articles for The Lotus Pond
  5. Organize my knitting patterns
  6. Organize my knitting stash
  7. Finish stitching Camelot Miniature

I thought about setting goals for things I’m not going to do, but that seems kind of silly to me.  I think I would much rather focus on what I want to do, and that will leave me no time to do that undesirable stuff, like shopping.

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