Socks, Big and Small

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a craft-related post on this blog.  For those who don’t know, I post about my crafting (knitting and cross stitch, mainly) over at Stitching Lotus.  However, I’m finding it a bit too time consuming to continue writing two blogs.  So, I will be posting everything here on Reflections going forward, and I will continue to post on Stitching Lotus until the end of May.  All this means that while Reflections will still have the navel-grazing, self-indulgent, somewhat spirituality related posts it was always had, it will now have the addition of interesting-only-to-me crafting posts.  What fun!

So, on to the crafting!

I recently finished up my fifth pair of socks, the lovely Spring Forward from Summer ’08 Knitty, using On Your Toes Bamboo.  It is a really great pattern, and turned out quite nicely… except they are a little large.  Thankfully, I know someone who has feet bigger than me, so these are destined to be a gift.

Spring ForwardSpring Forward
Yarn: On Your Toes Bamboo, colourway Seashell multi

I also knitted myself a super cute mini sock that was meant to go onto my sock blocker keychain.  However, it turned out waaaay to small.  I will be giving the pattern another go, but I will try going up a needle size or two.  (Just for reference, that is one of our wacky Canadian quarters next to the sock.)

Mini SockMini Sock!
Yarn: Mary Maxim Bamboo Soft Stripes, colourway Lagoon

This evening I’m planning on starting the lovely Lily of the Valley Stole using some pink Handmaiden Lace Silk.  It wasn’t the colour I was planning on using, but I decided I really liked it.  And, pink is actually something different for me, and will be a nice change.  Honestly, with my pale colouring, pink will look much nicer than the cream I was planning on. (And, it was actually a bit cheaper too.  That is a super big plus.)

And, with luck and some hard work, I should have a lovely cross stitch finish to share in a few days.

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