May 2009 Goals

It is May already, and time to review my April goals and set some goals for May.

First, for crafting I said that in April I wanted to:

  1. Crochet an Easter basket for the Baby Man
  2. Finish Baby Man’s jacket
  3. Work on Camelot Miniature on Wednesdays
  4. Get started on Baby Man’s Christmas stocking
  5. Finish the second Show-Off Strand Socks sock

Amazingly, I did everything on the list!  I actually but the last sets of ties on the baby’s jacket today, but they were something beyond the original pattern that I added because I wanted the jacket to stay closed a little better.  And, yeah, I didn’t get far on the stocking, but it is started.  Yay me!

My other goals were:

  1. Write at least three new articles for The Lotus Pond
  2. Organize my knitting patterns
  3. Organize my knitting stash

I didn’t do so well here.  I got two articles written, mainly because I have lost the notes for the third article.  (Honestly, where the heck are those notes?!?)  I did get my knitting patterns sorted, and a knitting notebook started.  However, I didn’t get my yarn sorted out.  It is all in Ravelry, but it is stored all higgledy-piggledy in the closet.

So, my May goals are:

  1. Get at least 1/3 the way through my Lily of the Valley Stole (which I am very nervous about starting)
  2. Finish one more class project from the CreativFestival (Delightful Dragon maybe)
  3. Organize my free cross stitch charts
  4. Find my missing notes and write up that article, and write at least two others
  5. Start my new challenge (more on that in a couple of days)
  6. Try baby sign language with Baby Man again

I think I’ve set some reasonable goals again.  It makes me feel good to be able to set at the end of the month that I’ve accomplished something, even though most days it feels like I am just spinning my wheels.  If I can just avoid getting that world-ending flu (kidding!), I think this will be another good month.

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